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  • September 28, 2021
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Why Companies Prefer Using Document Scanning Services?

Document scanning service is used by professionals to provide easy access to reliable and protected digital data. Protect the company’s assets thus simplifying teamwork. Professional scanning services providers are well-equipped to finish the job efficiently. If you need to digitize records for the human resources department or accounts receivable, for your dental practise, or for general company documents, then a document management company can help you.

Hiring a firm to review documentation and transform paper files to digital copies would boost workflow, maximise morale, and enable the in-house team to concentrate on what they do best. There’s more to this!

Why Using Document Scanning Service is beneficial for business?

Streamline Workflow: Digital versions of your records make for easy sharing, and archive search functionality allows you to quickly locate what you need.

Cost Savings: Instead of paying for expensive onsite storage, digitise the records and save them on an onsite computer or in the cloud. The average cost per scanned page is 7–12 cents.

Protect The Data: Digital archives are stored in protected libraries with stringent access controls.

How Document Scanning Service Works?

1. You pack your documents

2. The documents are picked up by your provider.

3. Safe transportation of your documents takes place. 

4. The records are then sent to the secure conversion facility.

5. After the papers are checked further actions are taken.

6. Further conversion of documents takes place in the appropriate format

7. The digital files are indexed and arranged in the preferred digital content management framework.

8. Physical archives are either shredded, kept offsite, or returned to you.

What are the Document Scanning Service Options?

  • Medical Recording Scanning – Improve the workflow of electronic medical notes to find a safer way to handle your patients (EMR). Digitizing your patients’ medical information, as well as your billing and accounts receivable documents, would help you to run your practice more smoothly.
  • Legal Document Scanning – Huge numbers of physical records will easily deplete your budget due to storage costs. Rather than storing the records you need to view in a physical format, try scanning them for easy access from any internet-connected computer.
  • Dental Record Scanning – Scan medical history and x-rays to boost workflow and streamline patient treatment at your dental practice. Scanning systems that are SSAE-16 compatible mean that all of the patients’ private information is kept safe.
  • Blueprint and Map Scanning – Large format records, such as charts, sketches, and blueprints, are difficult to store and retrieve. Scan the wide format documents to improve sharing and connectivity for the whole team while minimizing the harm caused by frequent usage of the physical paper.

DSA One: Document scanning service in San Antonio 

If you’re ready to go digital, determining the number of pages to search and locating the best provider for your project will get you underway. Professional document scanning service in San Antonio offered by DSA One is quick, reliable, precise, and robust. If you wish to get in touch with a reliable document management company, contact us!

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