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  • December 15, 2021
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Go paperless With The Best Scanning Services in San Antonio

Going paperless or making your office space fully digital- the idea sure comes with buzzing possibilities but very few organizations have achieved to transform their office paperless. Yes, with so many moving parts and drastic changes, however in a new decade, one of the great things you can do is cut the paper use and streamline your business procedure and operations. With scanning services in San Antonio, You can expect to adopt digital solutions for your company. Below listed are three tips for steering your organisation/company towards the path of paperless. 

ESTABLISH FILE NAMING CONVENTION: Before you do anything with hardware, software or procedures, you need to make up your mind for what your file and naming conventions are going to be. Will you organise by Client Name? Department? Document type? Or Year? Since there is no standard across industries, many simply pick names that are descriptive while keeping them short. Make sure that anyone adding documents to your management system or shared drive is qualified or trained in naming conventions or file destinations.

STOP PAPER INTAKE: Anyone who is in charge of on boarding patients, employees or members will tell you that there is a lot of paperwork involved when recruiting or taking in new people. Instead of printing out hundreds of copies for welcome packets or paperwork, it is better to simply send out a link to websites to fill out forms on the first day in the office. Many companies with digital offices simply prefer handing out a tablet to fill out their change of insurance or information. Well, consider E-forms since they allow you to do cut down on paper while saving you a lot of time and making errors.

ADOPT DIGITAL SIGNATURES: When a company/organisation adopt electronic forms or digital operations, they automatically hand with electronic signatures. How many contracts or paperwork should you print off so a customer or patient can sign it? With electronic signature software, employees, patients, and customers can sign the forms without having to deal with paper or hardcopy. You no longer have to worry about printing out hundreds of papers with digital signatures making it easier for you to track compliance.  

No matter what steps you take first, your company will be on its way to streamlining the business and cutting down on paper. Are you looking forward to going paperless? We bring you a range of document management, document scanning, digitalization, and record retrieval solutions in San Antonio. Contact our professionals at DSA Business or give us a call on the details mentioned below. 

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