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  • November 22, 2021
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Briefly Differentiating Document Management and Document Imaging

If you’re like many business owners, you may not be aware of the hidden inefficiencies and costs associated with document imaging using your multi-function printers/copiers. Here are some common scenarios that just might be occurring in your office:

Limited accessibility to document managing: A huge pain point for many companies is that they purchased a multi-function device for document managing like printing, copying, and scanning, but when it is used for scanning large batches of documents, access for printing and copying. Document managing devices are good for scanning small documents intermittently, but they are not the right tool for scanning batches of documents or very large documents. A scanning job can be interrupted, but timely rescans may become necessary and staff efficiency is curtailed throughout the office. The flexibility and cost savings that many businesses hoped to achieve with a document managing device are not realized and many times result in inefficiency and increased costs.

Difficulty finding scanned images: After scanning, employees many times save documents to a Windows folder using non-standard indexing practices. Placing the scanned images in the wrong folder is an easy mistake to make. However, without accurate and uniform indexing, it is time-consuming to locate the scanned images, if possible, at all.

Cumbersome indexing, storage, and retrieval: Out-of-the-box document scanning software provides limited indexing on a small touch-screen, poor retrieval capability, and no central repository for key business documents. Many times, electronic files are saved under different categories in various locations and employees can’t locate the scanned documents when they need them.

Paper-size limitations: Scanning documents that are odd sizes or on thick stock presents the largest challenge when scanning with an MFD. Paper jam occur more frequently resulting in rescans and wasted time.

Wasted server space: Scanning documents with incorrect settings can result in unnecessarily large image files that take up limited space on network drives and slow down retrieval. We have seen documents incorrectly scanned as color or grayscale, which can be 10 times larger than black and white images, or documents are scanned at unnecessarily high resolutions. Preset scanning settings can easily and unknowingly be changed when MFDs are used by multiple people for various purposes.

Optimal Document Imaging with Multi-Function Devices

Did any of the above scenario sound familiar? Don’t despair! If your company doesn’t wish to replace its multi-function printers/copiers, it is still possible to greatly improve efficiency with the use of robust document scanning software. Such applications are surprisingly economical, especially when increased efficiency and the security they provide are factored in.

Here are the benefits most companies realize immediately when combining their multi-function devices with full-featured, document imaging and document management companies in Mcallen:

Improved document security and accessibility: Document management companies in Mcallen Scanned documents can easily be migrated into a document management system with security parameters defining who has access to what documents and tracking features ensuring compliance guidelines and accountability. Documents can be accessed within seconds from any computer at any time using predefined indexed fields.

Reduced storage space required: Scanning documents as compressed tiff images at the optimal resolution requires much less storage space than scanning them as PDF files or at unnecessarily high resolutions, in color or grayscale. Incorporating full-featured document management software that is installed by a document management professional ensures that optimal scanning settings are established and locked.

Converting Your Firm to Efficient Document Scanning & Secure Document Management

Enhancing your company’s document management strategy with the best printing services Mcallen is probably simpler and less expensive than you think. Contact a Document management company in Mcallen specialist to learn what document scanning applications will provide the best document capture and document management capabilities. Stepping up without starting over may turn out to be the best management decision you make this year. Dsaone is a leading document management company in Mcallen.

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